Welcome to JV’s Tales of Tails.

Hello, Bubblers.

MerPrince JV

I am very pleased to be starting this blog. It has been a long time in the making. I have always been fascinated with every member in the mer-community. I feel very often like, because this community is still small, that we don’t often really get to meet one another.

On this blog, I will be interviewing various mers from around the world, both well known and relatively unknown. I want to share their stories, their dreams and their hopes, and their contributions to the community.

I’ll give you a little bit of my mer-background. I purchased my first tail from MermaidFX.net (which has since gone out of business). It was shiny, gold, and beautiful, but I never got to really swim in it.

Photo from My first Swim

In 2009, I bought a shimmery blue Mermagica tail, and I swam in it a few months after getting it. I loved it. I’d never felt more at home in the water.

In June of 2013, I bought my first latex tail (shown below), which began to erode due to it being not a very high quality material. I received my second one a few months later, but the sizing was wrong. After another failed tail attempt, I waited for a few months, and I have ordered a tail from Mermaids Of Hawaii. I am very excited to get back into swimming and hopefully going pro. For now, we’ll call me a “Pro-in-training”.

I belong to the (official) New England Mer-Pod and I am the co-leader of the Mer-Orca Pod (Official title is Mer-Orca Prince). I have a very close-knit group of friends and mer-family.

I look forward to bringing you these amazing stories. Coming up in the first few weeks we will have: Merman Christian, Mermaid Lanai, Mermaid Maria, Mer-King Christomer (hopefully), Syrena the First Singapore Mermaid and Merman Alex.

Blogs will be posted every Wednesday, most likely by Noon (EST). If you have someone you think I should interview, or if you would like to be interviewed, please comment below, or contact me on my facebook page: MerPrince JV Of Massachusetts.

XOXO and Bubbles,


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