Fun Fin Fact Friday (FFFF): Merrows

Hey Bubblers!

Welcome to another facet of the blog: Fun Fin Facts! I will bring you interesting facts about mermaids and mermen! It’s gonna be great.

The Merrow by Genzoman (taken from

In Ireland and Scotland, there are legends of a special kind of mermaid: the Merrow. The merrow is often depicted as a young female, with a long green tail and red/blond hair, wearing some kind of cap or cape. They are demure, sweet and very affectionate. They have a remarkable singing voice that can be heard from beneath the waves. They are fascinated with humans, and are prone to falling in love with them. Legend has it, if you steal a Merrow’s cap and hide it, she will happily live with you forever.
Of course, there were MALE Merrows as well, but they were said to be hideous. When the female Merrow sings, and attracts a sailor, the male Merrow will grab him, dive down and eat his soul. Kinda nasty, right?

But wait a minute, I just had a thought… So these mermaids have read hair, a green tail, a fascination with human men, and a desire to live in the human world… Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking?

Was Ariel a Merrow?


Just some food for thought.




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