Mermaid Melody Monday: “Everyone Wants To Rule The World” by Lorde

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Yeah, this is a real change of pace. This track was recommended by Daphne Clem, a very dear mer-friend. This Tears for Fears cover was featured on the  Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack.

Why is this Mermaid music? I prefer actually to this of this as “Merman” music; it’s heavy, dark, and deals with power. While you listen, it makes you think of the oncoming storm that has come to signify a battle raging either beneath the waves, or on top of them trying to stay afloat. Something wicked this way is coming, what could it be?

Also, I could easily picture President Snow as a shark. Yes, I do love the Hunger Games.




Merman Jack: “Nothing is more rewarding than being happy and comfortable in your own skin.”

Hey there, Bubblers.

Merman Jack, with killer blue eyes.

Merman Jack, with killer blue eyes.


As you all know, for some of us, the calling is deeply spiritual. (Stay tuned for Fun Fin Fact Friday this week.) Whether it’s Posiedon, Triton, Mami Wata, or Yemanja, there is something greater than ourselves that we connect to when we tap into our spiritual side. For Merman Jack, the calling is just that.

"Hello, Sailor."

“Hello, Sailor.”

“Mers have always been incredibly important to me not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually. The Mer represent so many things, bridges between human and animal, conscious and unconscious, magick and science. The Goddess Yemaya/La Sirene/Mami Wata, is also a central part of my inspiration & spirituality.”

Born and raised in California, the land of perpetual golden sunshine, Jack of Dark Tide Productions has always been swimming. A young athlete as a human, if he was not at swim practice, he was swimming in his family’s pool. His connection with the water goes beyond your basic spiritual inklings, however, and becomes a metaphor for the dual natures and how to live one’s life.


Jovial sunning Merman Jack

Jovial sunning Merman Jack

“I love the duality the ocean represents. I love that it can be loving or cruel, warm or cold, clear or dark. I think many people don’t live truly balanced lives, doing themselves a disservice by not embracing all sides of themselves, “good” and “bad”. The ocean has no ego about those things and is always authentic.”

However, life was not always the bubbles for this  man-fish. As a reflection of his own experiences, his message to others is very touching.

“I know it’s been said so many times by so many different people, but you really do have to be yourself and live your most authentic life. As someone who has dealt with bullying for being gay during my pre-college schooling, I know how challenging and even heart-wrenching this can be. Living your life honestly and proudly in all aspects isn’t easy, but nothing worth it ever is. Nothing is more rewarding than being happy and comfortable in your own skin.”

Truer words have never been said. It is very important to be happy in your skin, be it human, fish, or a hybrid of the two. Keep an eye out for this one. I’m certain he’ll be swimming for a long while to come.

Swim on, Swim on.

Swim on, Swim on.

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To read Transcript, click here.

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Mermaid Melody Monday: “Bali Hai”

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The song of the week comes from the musical Movie, “South Pacific”.  It is a song meant to entice young sailors to a forbidden island, a secret paradise on a volcanic island.

Of course, the versions of it that I’m sharing here are: the original recording for the movie, and the Charlotte Church cover from her Enchantment album.

Want to see your song here? Comment below and tell me about it!~



Mermaid Maria: “I was born this way!”

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Before I begin, Happy Thanksgiving. What are you giving thanks for this year?

Now, on to the interview:

Mermaid Maria Russo, underwater

In recent years, for me, a question has popped up in my life that is a little bit interesting to ask: Nature vs. Nurture. Are the current members of the Mer community here because we watched a lot of mermaid-related things in our youth which fostered our latent curiosity and imagination? Or Are we here because, as Lady Gaga put it, “We were born this way”? For Mermaid Maria, she thinks we were born this way.
“I love being in the water. I think I’ve always been a mermaid. I was born this way!”

Mermaid Maria is a cheery, relatively young (130 mer-years) mermaid from Texas. Her personality and spirit shine bright like the Texas stars at night.

She is the first public tailmaker (Merman Christian makes his own tails) that I have interviewed! She made her current tail with her best friend and creative partner, Jason Darling.

Mermaid Maria’s, “Candy Tail.” Sweet, Sweeter, Sweetest!

Mermaid Maria (in human form) and creative partner, Jason Darling.

Her current tail is just as happy and beautiful as her personality appears to be. It’s fluke is pink with hints of purple, and the body of it is blue, pink, and purple. The color reminds me of candy. Which is interesting, and makes a lot of sense. Her tail looks sweet enough to make a shark go to the dentist.

The Candy-related pun was not simply me being creative, however. In addition to being a beautiful mermaid, she also does the artistic design for a candy company called Lollyphile, which is specializes in lollipops in a crazy awesome variety of flavors. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FLAVORS (no really….you need to see this… it’s crazy cool.)


Anywho, back to the mermaid. I asked Maria a question that I don’t usually ask all of the Mers. Or rather, I do ask them, but I rephrased it when I asked her. Often, anything that strays from the normal beaten path of average human life is looked at as weird. Inherently being a mermaid isn’t a mainstream thing. I asked her how she deals with those people that look down at us (as a community) for being mers, and her answer was:

“My experience has been that people respond very positively to the fact that I’m a professional mermaid. I have never followed the rules, if people judge me for that I honestly don’t notice. I’m too busy to focus on stuff like that.”
As a mermaid, and especially as a tail-maker, there is one huge thing that makes Maria and Sirenalia (her Tail-making company) different from the others: she is not very secretive. In fact, she actively shares her experiences and works with other mers to help them make their own tails.

Mermaid Maria in the studio, pouring scales for Mermaid Lyna’s newest Tail.

“My goal as a mermaid is to help other mermaid’s dreams of having a tail come true. I will always share information about how to make your own tails. I strive to find ways to get tails out into the world and on to people who normally wouldn’t be able to own them.”

She is currently a new tailmaker, but I’m looking forward to a lot of promising, gorgeous work from her in the future!

Mermaid Maria, swimming.

To check out the beautiful tails Mermaid Maria and Jason are creating, Click this link here!

To view the transcript, click here.


Fun Fin Fact Friday: Splash

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Did you know?

The gorgeous Madison, the Movie Mermaid that sparked a generation.

Madison’s tail was created by a team of people, headed by world reknowned special effects artists, Thom “TailMan” Shouse, and Robert Short. Her transformation scenes were designed by Mitch Suskin. Her tail is made with Skin-Flex, which Thom is believed to still use on his other tails. The design came from Robert, but the technique came from the collaboration.

Darryl Hannah was an absolute natural as a mermaid. In fact, she swam so fast, she left her safety crew in the dust, so to speak.

Bubbles and Kisses,


Merman Christomer: “We’re better together as a family than we are separate.”

Hey Bubblers,

Christomer Starfish and his crew.

“There is nothing a parent won’t do for a child.”

This saying holds true for the Merworld as well as the human world. Despite all our cultural differences, there are a few things that remain the same, among them being this: the bond of father and daughter should be strong and supportive. As a father, it is your job to instill in your daughter a sense of imagination and wonder, self-worth and confidence, happiness and health. Merman Christomer Starfish understands this to be true, so when his daughter began expressing interest in mermaids, he took the next logical step.

“When I saw her getting into mermaids and princesses, I decided to renew my SCUBA certification, and get back into freediving. I ordered a tail for her, and one for myself.” He presented it to her on her 7th birthday.

“Happy 7th Birthday, Little Mermaid Casidy”

Christomer, currently the reigning Mer-King (crowned at MerPalooza in 2013), was only 19 years old, in human years, when he began his exploration into the freediving world. He said he didn’t use it. He remember that his favorite place was underwater, but specifically the when you dive in and look up. “When you look up, it’s that thin layer of calm right under the very surface. That’s my happy place in life.”

When he picked up SCUBA again earlier this year, he noticed the monofins. “It was only a short time before I found the tails. I figured it was my job to make her dreams come true.” Of course, Christomer joined his daughter in a Blue, Gold and White tail, putting his own special spin on it.  Now, at 7 years old, Mermaid Casidy is doing parties and gigs with her father.

Christomer’s FinFolk tail color comes from the intersection between ocean and land, where the white foam atop the blue waves licks the golden sands, and makes the tranquil rushing sound featured on many “white noise” machines.

Trapped… on a pier?

Christomer is a great father, but he is also a great community member. In September, after returning from Merpalooza, he decided that there needed to be another great gathering (conference, really) of the Mers. Unlike other Merfolk Conferences, this one really focuses on the aspects of building a career as a professional Mer.

“We have Raina the Halifax Mermaid coming to talk about how get started in the business, and John Jay to teach us how to increase our breath-hold time. On the last day, we all do a kids party. So we’re giving you all the building blocks for how to build your career.”

*I would also like to note: This is not a advertisement. It’s just a really good opportunity. If you plan on being a professional Mer, you simply must go to this convention. The information they are dispensing will be invaluable in figuring out a career.*

Father Daughter time is important!

Designing, running, and essentially paying for a Merfolk Convention isn’t easy, nor is it cheap. But Christomer says that he doesn’t mind it. “I’m doing this for fun, but I’m really doing it to give everyone a chance to succeed. And to prove that there is room for everyone and no need to be competitive. At the end of the say, a mermaid can only do 3 parties on a Saturday. We’re better together as a family than we are separate.”

Christomer left me with a final message to all of his friends and fans. He tells them, as well as other Mers, to be original and tap into their creativity.

“Don’t let anyone tell you No. Be true to yourself. If you want to be a mermaid, be a mermaid. If you want to be a smurf, be a smurf. Be unique and be yourself.”

If you want to learn more about Merman Christomer, click here.
If you want to learn more about NC Merfest, click here.

I’m sorry y’all for not having a transcript of our conversation, this was a phone interview. Tune in for a new interview next wednesday at 12 noon.


Mermaid Melody Monday: Charlotte Church “Carrickfergus”

Hello Bubblers,

Welcome to a new addition to the blog, Mermaid Melody Mondays! Every Monday at noon, I will post a video of a song that to me sounds perfect for a Mer playlist. Keep following along, and build up your mer-song collection! Also, have suggestions? Comment below, and share some music with me.

Who is this Singer?: Charlotte Church is a Welsh singer, whose career started very young. Her operatic voice hit the soundwaves before she was even 7 years old. She is still active now (in her 20s/early 30s), but her style has changed from THIS to a more “pop-like” sound. This song comes from her Enchantment album.

Why this song: The song tells of a beautiful land. It is an Irish folk song. It’s composition lends to the wistful, wishful, whimsical feeling of floating and basking in the sun. You can almost feel the gentle sea breeze, almost hear it playing across the lush green grass and the rocks. But it is also tinged with sadness: the singer is desiring to return to the home that she no longer resides near, and at this home, she left behind some kind of love. It reminds me of the Little Mermaid, and what Ariel may have sung while she was sitting on her rock, looking at the palace. “I would swim over the deepest ocean for my true love to be with me.” Plus, her voice sounds like a mermaids would in my mind.

I definitely would put this on my list of songs to swim to.

Check out the rest of Enchanted as well, it’s chock full of musical loveliness. Or you could just wait here, patiently, for some other MerMusic coming your way.

Swim on, my lovely bubbles.